Athénaïs de Béru, Deci Dela Carignan 2016

Farming: Biodynamic

Varietal: Carignan

Region: Côtes Catalanes/Burgundy - France

2016 was a difficult and frustrating vintage for many vignerons, Athénaïs got hit hard by the weather and lost the entirety of her crop overnight to a bad frost. Whilst this would have been curtains for most, Athénaïs was not to be stopped. She headed off around the country to ask her winemaking friends for grapes that she might bring back to her winery and vinify herself. 

The Deci Dela (from here and there) cuvées were born.

A show of industriousness and solidarity in the winemaking community, at St. Eia, we love this project and these wines. 

This is a whole bunch ferment Carignan, (we hear these grapes came from another of our favourite producers at St. Eia, the incredible Cyril Fhal) aged in old oak for 16 months.

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